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Read the Bible This Year

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It is almost time to start that new Bible Reading plan. If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to read the entire Bible in the coming year, come and join us.


This community is about the Bible. We are a group of people who have joined together to encourage one another to read the entire Bible all the way through in one year. There will be several different reading plans from which to choose so each can choose whatever best fits his or her at this time.

Post an intro post that tells the rest of what plan you are choosing. Give your testimony if you want. Then read. Post daily or weekly and share your progress with the rest of us. Post the scripture that touched you today or what you may have learned today. Tell us if this is the first time you have decided to read the entire Bible in a year or if you have done this before.

This community believes that the scriptures are the inerrant word of the one and only true God. If you don't believe this, that's fine. Join and read with us any way. However there is going to be NO discussion of this. There are other good Christian communities for that kind of discussion.
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