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Questions of Observation

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Honing one's skills on the observation of scripture passages. This is to aid in understanding the context of a passage.

1) Who is the author of the passage?

2) To whom is the author speaking?
What do you know about this author, and the person or people he's addressing?

3) What is the most important term and/or concept of the passage?

4) What are the main verbs? What is the verb tense?
Past, present or future?

5) Are there terms you need to define so you can better understand the passage? What is the most important defining term?

6) Are there people and places I need to identify? Who is involved in this passage?

7) What do you already know about the people and places mentioned?

8) Can you identify cause-effect relationships in the author's writing?

9) In what ways does the passage apply to your own personal life?
Does it really apply to us today, or was it someting specific to the times and peoples involved?

10) What things in this passage might you want to study later in further detail? How does this passage link to others in the Bible, and what cross references are there to other passages like this one?

There is no part of God's word that we cannot learn. None of it is beyond our understanding, yet learning the depth of it will take a lifetime.
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