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Journal to discuss the Sacred Word

Blessed be the Word

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All Members , Moderated
This community is for Christian discussion of the Bible without persecution or people questioning the auhority of the Bible.

Rules for this community

1. Thou shout not Flame
2. Thou shout not Spam
3. Thou shout not call to question the Authenticity or the divine inspiration of the bible, there are plenty of places elsewhere you can do that.
4.Thou shout not troll, trolls will be reported to Livejournal Staff along with their ip adress.
5. Thou shout not bash people for their interpretation of the scripture, this does not mean you can not disagree with them and try to defend your own oppinon, only that you will not take the arguement to the point where you attack them for it.
6. Thou shall not discuss the Quran (Koran), Book of Mormon or any other non christian scripture also try to avoid apocryphal, psuediacryphal or any other non-canonical litterature sometimes placed along side the scripture.
7. While one does not have to be a Christian to post here, you must be willing to respect the Christian beliefs and values while posting here.